Kathy Hart has been co-host of the "Eric and Kathy Show" on The Mix in Chicago since 1996.  She has three kids, Xander, Annika, and Allen.


How did you become so interested in healthy living?
When my doctor diagnosed me with ‘adrenal fatigue’. (Your adrenals produce cortisol, the stress hormone, and my adrenals were completely tapped out.)   The medication my first doctor wanted to put me on would have only worked on my symptoms, not the underlying problem.  Fortunately I found a doctor who believed in treating me homeopathically.  I didn't want to be on medication my whole life so, through dietary and lifestyle changes and the right supplements, my adrenals are back to normal!  (Learn more about adrenal fatigue... www.sixwise.com )
My doctor also introduced me to meditation which has been one of the biggest blessings in my life! I also deal with stress through yoga and acupuncture.
Another reason I decided to start HealthywithHart.com is because I was floored when I read that former Surgeon General C. Everett Koop said approximately 75% of all deaths from diseases could be avoided through proper nutrition.  I want to help educate people on what is truly healthy and how to start living a healthier lifestyle.

Who are the important people in your life?
The people who make me smile.


What do you truly like most about your gig at The Mix?

If I answered anything but 'meeting celebrities', I'd by lying. Please. I get to meet most of my favorites in music like Pink and Lenny Kravitz to actors like Matthew McConaughey and Matt Damon!
Where did you grow up and where has your radio career taken you?
I lived in Crystal Lake until my sophomore year in high school when I moved to Clinton, WI. After realizing I couldn't live my life in such a small town, I moved to Rockford to get into radio. During a Billy Idol meet 'n greet in Madison, I got offered an overnight job in Milwaukee. 
I moved back to Rockford to do a midday shift. My boyfriend at the time got offered a job in Raleigh, NC so I decided to take a chance and go with him. I knocked on doors and ended up doing a midday shift at an oldies station. The Top 40 station called me about a year later and asked if I was interested in doing traffic in the morning. The morning guy and I had a lot of chemistry and shortly thereafter I became his morning show partner. That morning guy was Brian Peck!!! (He is now working for our sister station, WILV). 
I also spent a few years in Phoenix and one year in Columbus, OH before quitting my job to move back home.....without a job!  Fortunately, it wasn't long before I was hired at the Mix.
When are you happiest?
Every time I laugh out loud during the show. And, when I'm getting a goodnight bear hug from my kids.
Why radio and not some other job?
I thought about becoming a detective (thanks to Charlie's Angels) but I liked the perks in radio more.
What would we be surprised to know about you?
I was in the Chess Club in 6th grade and I was the Clinton Fencehoppers Snowmobile Queen.
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